The Dealership Key to Success on Pinterest is Catering to Females

Sunday 2nd of December 2012

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Most of you have heard of Pinterest but unfortunately only a few dealers could be categorized as using it well.

There are common reasons for this that apply to any social network, such as missing-the-boat regarding what your content focuses on and how well you can give people something of value. But taking this a little further, we must focus on whether or not you're even speaking to the proper gender. Getting people into the dealership can be challenging enough - so don't handicap yourself from the beginning as a result of catering to the wrong demographic!

Now, the most apparent thing about Pinterest is the fact that its user-base is heavily dominated by females. This means that your album entitled “RAM Tough” which is comprised of many images depicting burly men doing donuts in muddy fields having the time of their life, is a completely undesirable message for a giant chunk of the potential market. At best, you'll just remind women why their rugs are no longer white.

However, let's say you decide to establish an album and title it “Correction: Women Are GREAT Drivers.” You populate it with interesting images that may include famous female racers, women driving souped-up rides, females in big rigs and essentially make it a celebration of the female driver. This would be an example of putting out content that the overwhelming demographic on Pinterest is likely to identify with and embrace. Once you have this created, you cross-post the link to it on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog and if all goes well, you'll inspire ladies to re-pin your content and add their own stuff to your board. This engages them and is your best hope of being on their mind next time they decide to upgrade their vehicle.

The great thing about Pinterest is how immense the level of traffic on their site is and how ridiculously fast a single “pin” can spread like wildfre. If you consistently add content to your cache of albums that is interesting and focused on women, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be successfully using the platform. Doing a good job is very likely something your competitors aren't doing – because let's face it, I wouldn't say most of us car guys are exactly telepathic when it comes to knowing what a woman wants. So go ask your female employees what kind of stuff would interest them if you have to and get to pinning!

(As an experiment, I've created the example album used in this post and I'll later add analytics as to how well it performs once I have some data.)