How Dealers Have Become Targets For Questionable SEO Companies

Wednesday 18th of April 2012

I’ve worked in a dealership and I’ve seen it myself: A guy or a group of guys comes waltzing in, wearing nice suits, saying how they are from “such and such” SEO company, which usually has the words “Attack,” “Crush,” “Strike,” or “Dominate” in the name. They hand you a shiny folder full of finely-printed documents, showcasing all of the horrible things that are wrong with your website and all of the places online you are missing from. The owner or the GM freaks out, wondering how this could be and says “well what can you do for me to fix it?!” The company promises to fix it, get their “hits up” and “get ‘em lots of keywords.” They then say “that’ll be $10,000 a month, please.”


You agree to the price and start the beginning phases of this big “SEO” revamp that is going to change your business, right? Well, let’s just see about that. So, you have your team scrap together the usernames/passwords for your social media sites and your analytics accounts for them. They may ask a few more questions, grab a logo or two and off they go. Pretty soon, you’ll see some new posts on your Facebook, but they aren’t much different than your Internet Manager was already posting – in fact, they’re worse! OK, well how about the hits, they’ve got to be getting our hits up, right? WRONG! In their world, it takes 6 months to see ANY changes, so you’ve got a bit of waiting to do, sir.


A couple months goes by, they send you a report of how they’ve made some menial progression with your search rankings and web traffic and you start to wonder what they are doing. It then dawns on you that maybe, these guys really aren’t the Super Mega Killer Elite SEO Assassins that they said they were! You start poking around and have your IT guy ask them some basic questions regarding SEO and they don’t seem to know the answers! Cooler heads prevail and you pull the plug. Now you’re out the 10k/month you were paying and you’re very likely in a worse place than you were due to the antiquated and improper techniques they used to “get your hits up.”


This is a very quick and basic rundown of how it happens, but it’s happening, all over the country. Dealers have made themselves targets by staying willfully ignorant to technology and now they are paying. They hire companies to do things they have no grasp on the concept of and they are hiring them without researching the company background and asking for proof of prior successes. Then, since there’s really no right or wrong way to provide an SEO service, there isn’t much legal action that can be taken. Please do your research and don’t make business decisions based off of emotion, just because some slick-talking guy in an Armani suit tells you your site sucks, because it’s likely the quiet guy wearing glasses and a Polo shirt that REALLY knows what he’s talking about.