Did you know hundreds of factors go into a Google search result?

Monday 2nd of July 2012

U.S Search Ranking Factors | July 2012 | AutomoSEO

     Did you know hundreds of factors go into a Google search result?


     If you didnt't – we don't blame you. The vast majority of automotive dealerships are unaware of both how much of an impact Search Engine Optimization has over their online success and the intricate processes taking place that determine whether they're listed for a given search term or not.

     You should look at SEO as a vehicle for trust. When you've gained Google's trust, they list you in the search results and when you're on the first page of the results – customers trust that you're what they are looking for. So by focusing your efforts around this idea, you can gain an upper-hand on your competitors who still think coming up with schemes to “trick” the system is a viable strategy. So, what are some of the things that allow you to gain favorable placement within search results?

     One of the most important and most often neglected factors is crawlability. Crawlability is when Google goes deep into your website and crawls around assessing what it's about, what kind of information you have and attempts to determing the purpose of your website. It would become apparent that – the better Google can do this, the better chance you have of them listing your site. If no care or attention has gone into the structure of your site's hierarchy, including the links to each page within your site and the way you label information on the site – it's entirely possible you're only getting crawled with a fraction of the efficiency that you could be otherwise. Another huge factor is how many sites (that already have established authority and trust,) are pointing links back to your site. These are called “backlinks” and you can read more about them in our “what are backlinks?” blog post. Some other basic things to make sure of are that all pages have unique and descriptive titles, all of your content is original and not copy-pasted from other sources, as well as ensuring you're not using things like frame-ins, but what about the less-obvious things?

     For example, did you know Google pays attention to how many Facebook “likes” you have and how many Twitter “followers” you have? Were you aware that they check to see if your blog posts are easy to find, up to date and have people who regularly read or subscribe to them? How about the fact that they scan your entire site for overuse of keywords and then drop you from the results if you've gone over the limit? I know dealer's love to stuff the words “new car, used car, buy new Fords, buy new Nissan's,” etc up and down their pages until it doesn't even appear to be English when someone attempts to read the text on the page and this will get you dropped from the search results.

     There are hundreds of ever-changing factors that go into favorably ranking within Google's search results and it takes both time and dedication to grasp all of it, let alone take actionable steps to ensure you're complying with these standards. That's why you need to take these things very seriously, hire competent individuals who are aware and capable of bringing you success and make an effort to understand the basics of it yourself – otherwise how do you know that what your employees are doing isn't shooting your business in the foot?